Raleigh Pool Table Services provides a variety of services in North Carolina, Northern South Carolina, and Southern Virginia. Every job is different, so for a precise pricing estimate, contact us.

We accept major credit cards, checks, cash and even PayPal payments.

Moving Your Pool Table

Our pool table technicians will professionally and efficiently disassemble your table at its current location and reassemble it at the desired location with expert leveling included. The process depending on distance of move can average approximately two hours.

Packing and Unpacking your table for or after a Move

Professional movers require the slate playing surface of your table to be inserted into wooden crates. We can provide this service at a reasonable cost. Our technicians call also unpack your table and assemble it as well, with expert leveling included of course.

Re-Felting and Replacing the Rubber on your pool table

Our technicians can also replace the cloth on your pool table with a variety of colors, as well as the rubber bumpers of your table. Pricing of this service varies with table size, depending on if it is a 7 foot, 8 foot or 9 foot table. We can also give you an honest assessment of the need for re-felting or rubber preplacement. One way to tell if the rubber needs replacing is to feel it. If it is hard then it might need to be replaced. If the rubber still has some spring to it then it is most likely fine.

Repairing your pool table

Our technicians can also make repairs to your table that are needed. Most repairs are usually minor and can be done at a reasonable cost.